Plastic Waterjet Cutting Bricks

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Waterjet cutting bricks are specially designed and manufactured to fully support parts during the waterjet cutting process. Made from a unique high‑density polyethylene (HDPE), the bricks use a laminated flute pattern to minimize splashback from the jet while draining water and debris away quickly and effectively.

  • Avoids part “frosting” from jet splashback
  • Prevents small parts from falling into the catch tank
  • Lightweight (11.4 lb per brick) and easy to handle
  • Corrugation draws water and abrasive away from the cutting surface
  • Corrosion free

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HDPE Plastic Waterjet Bricks

Description Dimensions <48 Pallet of 48 Pallet of 96
Black 4x6x48 Call for Pricing
White 4x6x48 Call for Pricing

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